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How to style your child

Being a parent is one of the most rewarding roles in life!  With that said, there are many challenges along the way.  Just one of those challenges is that you go from only having yourself to dress in the morning, to having to get the kids ready.  Sounds simple, doesn’t it?  It can be if you are prepared for possible tantrums, and whether or not you allow your child to go out dressed as their latest superhero, just to get them out the house on time, or persevere in the vain hope that they will give in.  At Flo’s Childrenswear, we can speak from personal experience!     

In this article, we have put together some tips on how to dress your child in style, and keep your sanity in the process!



We can all dress to impress, but if the outfit is not comfortable, children are more likely to ‘kick up a fuss’, understandably!  Certain materials can be itchy, tight waistbands will be annoying, and some children have sensory sensitivity, which can be confusing and extremely uncomfortable. Flo’s suggests you try the clothes on and watch your child move about freely, bend and run around as they usually would.  Flo’s Children's wear is designed using the highest quality materials, with extreme comfort always being our first consideration. 

Choose a style that suits your child’s taste

As a parent, it is fair to say we have our ideas of how we want to style our children. Pretty bows and cute animal print! Just because we think it looks good doesn’t mean your child will agree. Recent studies show children as young as seven have been known to develop their own fashion sense. Try to match their personality! If your child is sporty, they may prefer a tracksuit. If you have a ‘girly girl', she may opt for a pretty dress with frills, although from personal experience, some girls just want to relax in comfy loungewear. And who can blame them!   


Check the cleaning label

 Let’s face it! Most of us have made a purchase in the past that looks adorable, but once worn, requires a delicate wash, or worse, dry cleaning!  Not only is this a massive inconvenience, but it is also likely that your child's new outfit will remain in the bottom of the wash basket until they have grown out of it! All of Flo’s Childrenswear is designed using the best quality materials that only require a regular wash and never lose their quality.  The majority of our outfits are suitable to wash @ 40 degrees and no dry cleaning needed.

Keeping up with the … latest trends!

Whilst not all children like to follow the latest trends, some do!  One of the biggest issues with this is usually the expense.  Designer labels are all well and good if you have the finances to support your little one’s taste, but if you are on a budget, you need not sacrifice quality.  All of our clothing is bespoke, which means we are designers in our own right.  You will have a unique outfit that you will not be able to purchase elsewhere.


Remember your child is constantly growing!

Kids seem to grow at the rate of knots! Purchasing designer labels are all well and good until you realise they have worn the outfit twice and then had a growth spurt literally overnight.  Choose an outfit that is within your budget and allows room for growth.  Flo’s use the highest quality materials, meaning the outfit will last.  Our sizes allow room for growth, for example, 5-6 etc. Although our products are very sought after as we make some exclusive, limited editions in our range to keep bespoke, a lot of our customers like to sell on and our products hold their value  If your child doesn’t have a younger sibling, avoid throwing the clothes away!  Many companies will collect your unwanted clothes and proceeds go to a charity of your choice.

Mix and Match

Perhaps some kids worst nightmare! Mum, Dad and sibling matching outfits. But there is a time and a place that it is deemed ok! Christmas is fast approaching, and who doesn’t love family pyjamas? Why not change it up a bit and have matching tracksuits or loungewear. Once they try them, we can guarantee they will love their new family outfit. 


Read Reviews

Whilst we all like the option of trying before we buy, with shopping online, this isn’t always possible. Reviews are the best way to learn about other customers experiences.  Flo’s Childrenswear is proud to receive regular feedback with nothing but positive comments. We often receive orders through word of mouth and listen intently to our customer's suggestions.

Get in touch for more information on how Flo’s can help you style your child.  Our helpful team is on hand to answer any questions you may have.