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Ideas on Storing Children’s Clothes

If you have children, the chances are your entire house has been taken over by toys, accessories and an abundance of clothes.  It may be that you keep on top of regular wardrobe changes as your little one grows at what seems to be overnight!  The reality is, we don’t all have time for ‘battle of the wardrobe’!
Kids clothes don’t always last long. 

On occasion, this could be due to poor quality, not something you have to worry about when shopping with Flo’s!  Other times it will be because they outgrow them or simply have a favourite outfit that is worn so often it starts to look a little dull.  Either way, you will want to prevent your home from being taken over with unused clothes.

Flo’s childrenswear uses 100% superfine cotton and resistant fade dyes, ensuring all of our children's clothing is resilient to fading.
So, what is the solution?  In this article, we are going to take our own experiences and offer you some simple ideas on how you can store your children’s clothes, old and new!    


Small living space

Depending on the size of your children’s bedrooms, and if they share their space with a sibling, not everybody has sufficient storage. This can be frustrating.  Storage boxes are an option.  Once you have sorted the clothes into sizes, the boxes can be neatly stacked on top of each other, or in some cases, under the bed.  To make it more fun, why not get your child to decorate their own box, not only keeping them entertained but also teaching them how to be organised.

Vacuum bags are an alternative to storage boxes.  They are simple to use, and will help create more space for your clothes.

If you have smaller bedrooms, you may not have fitted wardrobes.  A popular alternative is canvas wardrobes that zip up or a simple rail with hangers.  They tend to be more compact and as they are easily movable, you can change the layout of the room at any stage.

Handing clothes down

We have already mentioned how quickly kids grow.  It is such a shame to get rid of clothes that have barely been worn, especially if they are still in excellent condition.  If they have younger siblings, storing their unwanted clothes to hand down will save you money in the long run. 

If there aren’t younger siblings to pass the clothes onto, charity shops are excellent for taking them off your hands.  Not only will you be de-cluttering, but you will also know that you are helping others.  If you don’t have the transport to deliver the clothes, you can always look online.

There are lots of companies that will collect the clothes from your home.  If you are not comfortable with taking money, some of these companies give you the option of choosing from several charities to donate them to. 

Flo’s Childrenswear ensures that our sizes are consistent across all tracksuits as we design our own.  You can rest assured that the tracksuits are true to size fit, making them ideal ‘hand me downs'.

Storing Children’s Clothes throughout the Seasons 

Every season requires a different style!  Not only will colours vary, but also designs.  By storing the clothes your child won’t be wearing during that season, you will be creating more room in their wardrobe.  Your child will also benefit from storing unused clothes away, especially if they are slightly younger and you have just started giving them the responsibility of choosing their own outfits daily.  Flo’s always use staple colours to go across seasons, with lots of nice limited editions too if you are wanting something special!


Storing Clothes in your Loft

Most of us have those extra little storage spaces, be it an airing cupboard that is no longer in use or a space under the stairs.  Whilst these cupboards are useful, and you may be tempted to just pop the unused clothes in there ‘until tomorrow’, it is usually a case of out of sight out of mind.  If you benefit from a loft, this can be the perfect place to store clothes until they are needed again.  Protect the clothes from any possible damp before packing them away for next year!


Keep a Checklist

If you want to be super organised, why not keep an inventory of clothes?  It may seem extreme and perhaps a little time consuming, but it could save you time in the future.  You will also gain insight into what gaps need filling, and more importantly, why your child really didn’t need that extra pair of socks!

We hope this article has given you some ideas. Keep an eye out for our next blog on ‘Why you should choose Flo’s.