> Why Choose Flo’s Childrenswear?

Why Choose Flo’s Childrenswear?

Flo’s Childrenswear is going from strength to strength. We believe this is because of our dedication and commitment to our brand of children’s clothing. Working so closely together, we always ensure our customers are 100% happy with their purchases and also offer an amazing after-sales service at all times with our customers.  We have a real community feel here at Flo’s!  

Bespoke Children’s Fashion in UK and Europe

We spend hours at a time coming up with new ideas for stylish tracksuits, always making comfort a top priority.  Between us, we have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to children’s fashion.  Having worked in the industry for many years and having children of our own, we base our ideas on not only what we know children and parents will love, but we also listen to feedback and take everything on board.  Whilst we like to keep up with the latest trends, our bespoke clothing means they really are one of a kind. 



Top-Quality Materials

Comfort is key!  We understand the importance of keeping your little ones comfortable, providing warmth in the winter and cool in the summer. 

Flo’s tracksuits are designed using superfine cotton and soft polyester. When choosing our materials, we also consider the longevity of the clothing. Our range of clothing is designed to last.  Each outfit is convenient to wash at 40 degrees, and we never include any clothing that needs dry cleaning. 

Always Introducing New Designs

Children change year by year, as do fashion trends. Flo’s are constantly designing new and exclusive tracksuits so you can be assured that your child’s wardrobe will have something new and colourful for every season, but also staples that never go out of fashion. All of our measurements are true to size fit.  Before we produce our clothing, we try them on child models or all shapes and sizes.


Delivery Service  

We don’t just supply our children’s clothing to the UK! We have extended our delivery service throughout Europe and the United States. We offer various delivery options based on weight and endeavor to deliver your parcel as quickly as possible. 

After-Sales Care 

At Flo’s, we believe it is not only important to provide an excellent service when our customers initially contact us, but once the order has been received, we are always available to resolve any problems you may have.  Although this happens on very rare occasions, we are aware that sometimes you may need to return an item if it doesn’t fit or if there is a problem with delivery during busy periods.



If you any reason you need to exchange an item, we like to add a personal touch!  We can communicate with you via Facebook, Instagram or Email.

Gift Cards

If you are unsure what to gift a friend or relative, but you know they will love our bespoke children’s fashion, why not add a gift card to your basket? This will give the recipient the option to choose from our extensive range of clothing.  We will gift wrap your purchase using tissue, bows and tags to make it even more special for your loved one!  


Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our products.